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baby love cartoons
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why my baby love cartoons

    There is one thing that all babies have in common, and it’s that they love cartoons. The reason for this is not yet known for sure, but there are a few theories. One theory is that the colors and shapes of cartoons are stimulating to the eyes and brain of a baby. Another theory is that the repetitive nature of cartoons helps to soothe babies when they’re upset or cranky.

    Regardless of why babies love them, there are many benefits to watching cartoons with your baby. For example, it can help them develop their language skills by learning new words and phrases from the characters in the show. It can also help them learn how to share because they will see other kids on TV sharing their babies toys with each other.

    some tips from REBECCA CHAN

    “I recommend using TV as a stepping stone in their development, but too much screen time is not beneficial for children. When parents use TV as a crutch to cope with their child’s behavior, they can avoid facing the real issue and cause more problems down the road.” REBECCA CHAN “I recommend parents set time limits with their children and make sure they have age-appropriate activities to do. In addition, I recommend parents limit the amount of TV time for children so that they are not watching more than an hour a day.” REBECCA CHAN.