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baby sleep more than adult

    The sleep of a baby is much more than necessary for the child’s physical growth. It also plays an important role in cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development during early childhood.

    why a baby sleep more than adult.

    Some experts believe that babies need more sleep because they learn and play more while they sleep. Babies are constantly making discoveries during their sleep. For example, they might try to move their arms and legs. They might roll over and reach up to grab something. These actions are all examples of babies trying to figure out the world around them. The more a baby modifies their behavior in this way, the more they learn.

    Babies also learn and play during their sleep because they are passively learning. This means that they are absorbing information without actually taking any action. This is why babies are so active during the day; they are actively learning about the world around them. However, at night, they are able to learn passively by watching other people and listening to stories.

    Adults who have good sleep habits tend to be happier and healthier. They also have stronger marriages and relationships. In fact, a study showed that adults who get nine hours of sleep a night are forty percent less likely to get divorced than those who get six hours of sleep a night. In addition, they are also more likely to be successful in their careers. Therefore, it is beneficial for adults to get the recommended amount of sleep.

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